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Home > Guide To Purchasing A Stapler

Guide To Purchasing A Stapler

General Graphic's Guide To Purchasing A Stapler

Why bind using staples?

Stapling is an easy and widely popular binding method. People generally don't think of stapling as binding, yet staplers efficiently bind stacks of paper together with different gauges of staples. Staplers can be used for binding a variety of documents, booklets, pamphlets, brochures and other publications. There are several different types of staplers that are designed for specific binding tasks, whether it's binding a few sheets or thick stacks of paper. Staplers are a standard tool in schools, offices, print shops and bookbinderies. Staplers vary in models from standard desk staplers to saddle staplers. This guide provides information and descriptions on each style of stapler.

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Considerations when purchasing a stapler.

What will you be stapling?
Not every stapler can handle every binding job, so it's important to consider exactly what you'll need the stapler to bind. Factors, such as paper style, thickness and volume, will ultimately determine the type of stapler needed. Manual desktop staplers are suitable for binding documents, handouts, and other light binding. Heavy-duty electric staplers are able to staple through 180-sheet bricks of paper. Saddle staplers are especially designed for stapling booklets, pamphlets, brochures and catalogs along the fold of the spine. You won't want a stapler that can't perform.

What are your future needs?
With any purchase, you should always consider what your future needs might be. This will prevent your from wasting money on extra and unnecessary purchases in the future. Invest in a stapler up front that can meet your long-term needs.

What will your daily stapling volume be?
When determining which type of staplers to purchase assess your stapling frequency and volume. Heavy-duty staplers are recommended for high-volume binding jobs. Occasional document stapling requires a standard desktop stapler. Heavy-duty staplers are available in both manual and electric. Manual staplers have the same stapling power as the electric models, but the electric staplers are faster.

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Types and styles of staplers.

Electric Staplers
Electric Staplers, Automatic Staplers Electric staplers simplify and speed up document and book stapling. The electric staplers use a power-driven staple head that enables the staple to punch through thicker stacks of paper. There are several different styles of electric stapler, including freestanding, saddle or hand-held models. Electric staplers are button, switch or foot pedal operated. Some models feature all three.

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Grouped Staplers
Grouped Staplers Multiple staplers that are linked together for simultaneously stapling are called grouped staplers. Grouped staplers are handy for stapling booklets, magazines and other publications with multiple staples in the spine. Grouped staplers simplify projects and increase output. Grouping kits are available for purchase that makes setup a snap.

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Heavy-Duty Staplers
Heavy Duty Staplers, High Capacity Staplers Heavy-duty staplers are industrial strength staplers that are designed for stapling thick stacks of paper. They are not as quick as other electric staplers, but they are able to staple through 100+ sheets. Heavy-duty staplers are available in electric or manual models.

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Personal Hand Held Staplers
Personal Hand Held Staplers The most common and recognizable style of stapler is the manual desktop model. Desktop staplers are a popular and handy accessory for every office desk or cubicle. They generally have a stapling capacity of 20 sheets of paper and are primarily used for stapling documents, letters, memos, reports etc. Manual staplers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Desktop staplers are lightweight, inexpensive and are a must have for your desk or office.

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Saddle Staplers
Saddle Staplers Heavy-duty staplers are capable of stapling through large stacks of paper. Just because a stapler is labeled as heavy-duty, doesnt mean that it can it can staple quickly. It simply means it can staple through a lot at once. Some of our heavy-duty staplers can staple through up to 100+ sheets of paper. Heavy-duty staplers are available in both manual and electric models. Heavy-duty staplers are the workhorses of our stapler selection.

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Stitchers Stitchers are more akin to sewing machine than staplers. Stitchers are used to bind documents, books and thick one-inch stacks of paper by threading through spools of metal wire. Using a stitcher for high-volume binding, large quantities of paper can be bound together quickly and securely. Spools of wire can be selected from a wide variety of gauges and thickness. The spools are easy to change and simple to thread.

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Stapler Supplies and Accessories
stapler accessories and stapler supplies There is a wide selection of stapler supplies and accessories available. Staple removers quickly and cleanly remove staples from documents, without tearing or destroying the documents. Stapler stands are available to hold grouped staplers. These stands are adjustable, portable and can accommodate table-mounted staplers.

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Anvil - The anvil is located on the bottom of the stapler. It is where the staple head comes down on to bend the staple around the back of the paper.

Auto Switch - An auto switch is a sensor located within a stapler that automatically staples paper when triggered.

Bench Mount - Some staplers include a bench mount that allows them to be mounted to tables.

Flat - Flat stapling is the most common type of stapling. It is simply used to bind one document to another. Desk-side staplers use flat stapling.

Foot Pedal - Some electric staples use foot pedals for stapling. This frees up the hands and allows for easy positioning of paper.

Gauge - In relation to stapling, the gauge is the thickness of the staple that you are using.

Gooseneck - Saddle staplers feature whats known as a gooseneck. This space allows papers to be easily placed on the saddle for stapling. The size of the gooseneck will determine the size of paper that can be saddle stapled.

Grouping - The process of linking one or more electric staplers together is known as grouping.

Lateral Guides - Lateral guides make it easy for you to precisely staple on paper. The guides will allow you to properly position your paper.

Micro Switch - A micro switch is a sensor located within a stapler that automatically staples paper when triggered.

Saddle - The saddle portion of a saddle stapler is the V-shaped base where paper is placed prior to stapling.

Staple - Staples are metal strips, usually in the shape of an open-ended square, that are used to physically group paper together.

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