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Shrink Wrap Equipment Buyers Guide

Shrink Wrap Guide - Compack 5800 Shrinkwrap System

Benefits of using shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is used to package products such as food, CDs, DVDs, software, cassette tapes, chocolates, videotapes, documents, etc. Shrink wrap is a quick and easy way to protect goods from wear and exposure damage. Shrink wrap machines are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes in order to match your needs.

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Considerations when selecting a shrink wrap machine

What will you shrink wrap?
Shrink wrap machines and equipment are chosen based on the merchandise or material being packaged. Things to consider are the size, components, and makeup of the material.

How often will the shrink wrap machine be used?
There are heavy-duty and light-use shrink wrap machines. Heavy-duty units are designed for continuous use while light-use machines are only to be used a few times a day. Be sure to pick a model that can handle your current and future workloads.

What sizes of products will be shrink wrapped?
Shrink wrap machines are available in various sizes to accommodate the different sizes of merchandise. Small machines are built to shrink wrap small merchandise like CDs or cassette tapes, while large machines are able to wrap big packages. It's important to choose suitable equipment that can handle your product load.

Is space/mobility an issue?
There are shrink wrap machines that are portable and fit easily on table tops and there are others that are large and sit on a base. Analyze your operates and determine whether a portable or stationary machine would best suit your needs.

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Styles of shrink wrappers

Straight bar sealersStraight bar sealers

Straight bar sealers enclose the items in shrink film and trims it to size. The film is then heated, shrinking around and encasing the item. Straight bar sealers work well for sealing products like CDs, DVDs, video games and candy boxes.

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L-bar sealersL-bar sealers

L-bar sealers trim the shrink film then use electrical impulses, rather that heat, to shrink the film so it form fits the package.

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Heat gun systems Heat guns

Similar to a hair dryer, heat guns blow a stream of extremely hot air. The hot air is focused on the shrink wrap film causing the film to constrict and form around the object it's covering. Heat guns and shrink film is commonly used to seal nozzles on bottles in restaurants and bars.

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Heat tunnelsHeat tunnels

Heat tunnels slide merchandise through a heated tube, shrinking the film around the product producing an even finish. Heat tunnels are automatic and a practical choice for high-frequency use.

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Mail BaggingMail Bagging Systems

Mail bagging systems are used to swiftly arrange and wrap up packages and other items. There are manual and automatic systems. Manual systems are generally recommended for light use systems.

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Impulse heat sealersImpulse heat sealers

Impulse sealers are designed for sealing polyethylene, polypropylene and other types of thermoplastic shrink film and bags.

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Vacuum sealersVacuum sealers

Vacuum sealers are used for packaging food products. The vacuum sealer removes all the air from the package while it seals it closed. The package then passes through the shrink tunnel to constrict the film. Vacuum sealers are a highly effective way of storing and preserving food products.

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Sleeve wrappersSleeve wrappers

Sleeve wrappers are used to wrap a variety of different kinds of packs. Sleeve wrappers are able to package merchandise in single, long or collated packs.

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Continuous band sealersContinuous band sealers

Continuous band sealers provide an ideal means of packaging powders, liquids, grains, gels and other loose materials because the materials are continuously being bagged and sealed, reducing the chance of spillage during packaging.

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Casters - Casters are a small swivel wheel on the legs of equipment. Casters help with the transportation of heavy equipment.

Film waste winder - Film waste winders help keep shrink waste from falling from the floor.

Gauge - Gauge is the thickness of shrink film. The higher the number, the thicker the film.

Magnetic lock down - A magnetic lock down holds an L-bar sealer arm down until it has finished cutting through the shrink wrap. This helps automate the process of shrinkwrapping.

Pad - A pad is part of a shrinkwrap machines base. The sealer arm rests on the pad during the cutting process. The pad needs to be replaced when worn out.

Polyolefin film - Polyolefin film is a more elastic and stretchy film. Polyolefin film is commonly used with foods because it does not release harmful chemicals when heated. Polyolefin is also good for products with sharp corners since it is less brittle and will not break.

PVC film - PVC film is the most common type of shrink film on the market.

Teflon tape - Teflon tape is placed on the pad to prevent the pad from being cut by the wire. Tape peels off and wears out over time. Teflon tape needs to be replaced when worn out.

Wire - The wire is what cuts through shrink wrap film. The wire can get dirty and worn out over time. Wire needs to be replaced when worn out.

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