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Foil Stamper Guide

Foil stampers are ideal for printing text and logos onto books, pencils, matchbooks, napkins, photographs, ribbons and more.

Foil stamping is used by the wedding industry for photos and napkins, the office supply industry for books and pencils, churches for printing on scriptures and schools for printing on yearbooks and more.

There are several uses for a foil stamper. Many people purchase foil stamping systems for their own custom foil stamping business, stamping a wide variety of products.

Foil stampers are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats for different styles and volumes of printing. Both manual and pneumatic (air powered) foil stampers are available.

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Things to consider before purchasing a foil stamper.

What do you need to stamp?
Be sure to take into consideration what you will need to stamp and what your future volume may be. There is nothing worse than purchasing a foil stamping system, only to discover a year down the road that it will not handle the jobs you need to do. There are also several different attachments for foil stamping a wide variety of products. A few of these are pencil attachments for stamping pencils, a match attachment for stamping on matchbooks and a right-angle platform gauge.

What style of foil stamper should you choose?
Determine where you will want to put the foil stamper. Make sure you have room. We sell countertop models and floor models. Typically, the larger the machine the higher the volume it can handle. We sell manual foil stampers that can stamp as fast as you can pull the handle. We also sell pneumatic foil stampers that stamp with the push of a button.

Foil stampers are also available with different type holders. The type holder is what holds the lettering or logo to the machine. Type holders are available in different sizes, depending on how much lettering you will need to use. The type holders are adjustable. A salesperson should be able to help you pick the correct model for your needs.

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What are the different types of foil stampers?

Manual Foil Stamper
Countertop display racks attractively display media on any countertop or table. They make great magazine racks, brochure holders and literature display racks. These wooden magazine racks adjust to contain up to eight magazine slots and four brochure holders. Our wooden magazine racks are available in a variety of wood and trim colors.

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Pneumatic Foil Stamper
Pneumatic foil stampers use an air compressor to bring the print head down to the object being stamped. This is done with the push of a button .Pneumatic foil stampers are ideal for large jobs. Manual foil stampers will wear out your arm over time, where a pneumatic foil stamper can keep working for hours on end.

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Foil Fuser
The foil fuser, much like a foil stamper, creates foil lettering and graphics. Foil fusers use a roll of foil that adheres to printer toner. Toner can be found in laser copiers and most copy machines. Create text or graphics on your computer and print them out. Take the printed copy and run it through a foil fuser. The foil will fuse directly to toner. The finished product looks very nice and professional. Many of our customers use foil fusers for business cards, certificates, wedding invitations and more.

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Automatic Roll Feed - The automatic roll feed cycles the foil through the foil stamper without any manual work.

Custom Logo - Custom logos can be made for foil stamping machines. These logos are usually a company logo or design that needs to be stamped onto a product.

Emblems - Emblems are pre-made pictures that work in conjunction with a foil stamper. Some examples of emblems are faces, flowers, animals and more. These can be found here:

Foil Fuser - Foil fusers use a special type of foil that adheres to toner. This is great for certificates, business cards and more.

Foil Roll - The foil roll is the foil that is inserted into a foil stamping machine to produce the foil stamped lettering or logo.

Foil Stamper - Foil stampers are machines specifically designed to stamp lettering and logos onto books, napkins, pencils and more.

Heat Controller - The heat controller allows you to adjust the amount of heat the foil stamper uses. Different types of foils require different amounts of heat.

Machine Light - A machine light bolts onto a foil stamping machine and makes it easier to see the workspace.

Match Attachment - The match attachment allows you to stamp a name or logo onto a matchbook. These are very popular with hotels.

Multi-Line Type Holder - A multi-line type holder is designed to hold multiple lines of type lettering. This saves time over a standard single-line type holder by allowing you to stamp more at one time.

Pencil Attachment - The pencil attachment allows you to perfectly stamp a name or logo directly onto a wooden pencil.

Pneumatic - Pneumatic means that something is air-powered. This is usually done with an air compressor. Pneumatic equipment operates quickly with very little noise.

Type - The type is the actual lettering that is used to stamp words onto objects.

Type Holder - The type holder holds the aluminum lettering and logos that are used for foil stamping in place.

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